Religious Education
Diocese of Las Vegas



From its humble beginning in 1945, St. Bridget Parish has weathered a lot of challenges and received a lot of blessings as well. It bore witness to its parishioners' and tourists' undying faith in God Almighty. It welcomes celebrations of religious traditions all over the world. It welcomes all those who want to pray to God at anytime of the day or night in the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration.

St. Bridget opened its doors in 1948 and since then we saw the veneration and celebration of the lives and contributions of St. Bridget, St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Francis, St. Anthony, Our Blessed Mother Mary, St. Philomena, Padre Pio, St. Michael The Archangel, Santo Niño, Our Lady Of Perpetual Help, Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, Our Lady Of Good Remedy, Our Lady of All Nations, Our Lady Of Fatima, Nuestra Señora Guadalupe, and San Lorenzo Ruiz to our Catholic faith.

Father James L. Swenson who is affectionately known as Fr. James celebrated his 30th Ordination Anniversary January 2004 and his 76th birthday July 2004. He was assigned to St. Bridget’s in 1985. For the past eighteen years Fr. James has witnessed the challenges and successes to keep St. Bridget’s alive and well. He was asked to manage the arduous and daunting task of closing St. Bridget. Fr. James, the eternal optimist implored the support of our Blessed Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and the saints whose statues adorn the hallowed halls of St. Bridget today. Fr. James’ faith in Divine Providence and his parishioners enabled him to keep St. Bridget open and grow its faith community. He opened his arms and his church so everyone can pray and practice their religious beliefs and traditions.


With the guidance of our Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph the construction of the new church is now complete. We now have a place of worship that everyone can be proud of. A new church for the greater glory of God.

We had our Dedication Day on Sunday, February 3, 2008. Dedicating our new Church was Bishop Joseph A. Pepe. Fr. James L. Swenson was unable to attend because of his medical condition. We have had numerous firsts since then-first wedding, many quincenearas, baptisms, and the most memorable of them all - the funeral service for our beloved Pastor, James L. Swenson.

One of Fr. James' best kept secret was fostering and practicing one's faith was through the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration. It continues to remain open 24 hours a day, 365 day a year. It is not only Catholics who come and pray in the Chapel. We have seen individuals of various religious persuasion come from all over the world at different times of the day and night to honor and give thanks to their creator.